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1. What is a Temporary Registration Permit?
A TRP allows a registered player to play a game with a team from a different club than the club they are registered with. The team must be playing at a higher Age/ Division level than the registered player.
A TRP can also allow a registered player to play in a tournament with a team from a different club than the club they are registered with.

 2. How many TRPs can I have in a season?
A player is permitted to have 3 TRPs in a season. They can be used to play with 3 different clubs or the same club 3 times.

 3. Who can get a TRP?
Any registered player can get a TRP provided they have not exceeded their maximum number of TRPs for the season and are eligible to play for the other team according to league or tournament rules.

 4. When does the TRP expire?
The TRP expires at the end of the game or tournament indicated on the TRP form. A TRP for a single game is only valid for that one game. A TRP for a tournament is valid for all the games in that tournament. 

5. How much does a TRP cost?
The cost of the TRP is $10. 

6. What is the process to get a TRP?
The TRP form needs to be filled out by the registrar of his current club and signed off on by the club calling him up. The form then has to come to the SRSA office for approval. Once it is approved, a copy of the form will be handed to the team to hand to the referee at the game or to the tournament organizing committee for tournaments. 

7. When does it become effective?
A TRP is effective once it has been approved and signed by the Sudbury Regional Soccer Association and presented to the referee or tournament committee.

8. Which leagues/tournaments can I get a TRP for?
Each league/tournament has their own rules as to which levels allow for TRPs. Please see the league/tournament rules to verify if the level you will be playing allows for TRPs.

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